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Elevatıng Dıgıtal Journeys

As a consulting company in Turkey, we are specialized in providing services in the area of defence industry5, state defense and related fields. Our services include market analysis consultations, quality control of products and raw materials, assistance in establishing legal entities, firms or branches of foreign companies in Turkey, market analysis, price comparison, consultation and assistance in staff recruitment, opening bank accounts, and obtaining work permits. We also offer consultations in the field of business support, client search and other related services.

Certainly, here is a more detailed breakdown of our services:

1. Market Analysis Consultations: We provide expert advice and analysis on the defence industry market in Turkey, including market trends, potential areas for growth, and competitor analysis.

2. Quality Control of Products and Raw Materials: Our team ensures the quality and reliability of military products and raw materials through rigorous testing and inspection processes.

3. Legal Entity Establishment Consultations: We offer assistance in setting up legal entities, firms, or branches of foreign companies in compliance with Turkish laws and regulations.

4. Market Analysis and Price Comparison: We conduct thorough market analysis and compare prices of defence industry products and related materials to provide our clients with valuable insight for informed decision-making.

5. Staff Recruitment and Work Permits: We provide consultations and assistance in the recruitment process, as well as support in obtaining work permits and setting up bank accounts for foreign employees.

6. Business Support Consultations: Our expertise extends to providing support in various aspects of business operations, including client acquisition, regulatory compliance, and other relevant areas within the defense industry.